Taking a mental B.A.T.H

Something I learned in my makeup business was how to take a mental BATH every single day. Bookings, Affirmations, Tapes and Hotline. It was very helpful in setting myself up for positive thinking and success.

Today, I’m going to borrow the acrostic, with a few changes, and apply it to where I am today. In doing these things, my eyes are being opened to the Glorious nature of my Heavenly Father. He has shown me that He paid a high price for me and that I belong to Him and because of that, I no longer live by my will, but respond to Him with an open heart and willing spirit.

By taking a mental BATH on a daily basis, it keeps me intensely focused on God and purposeful in my mission of personal ministry.

 B – Bible

A – Apply

T – Transform

H – Hope

 Bible – Studying The Word of the God is a must if I want to grow in Christ. I am absolutely unable to figure myself out if I don’t know who He is. It is imperative that I seek His face through The Word and come to know His character. I am committed to at least 30 minutes a day to not only reading, but studying His word.

Apply – Apply The Truth of His Word to my life. By listening and then taking action on what God speaks from the pages of the Bible, my perception of people and circumstances start to change right before my very eyes. As I take the next step that God puts in front of me, on a daily basis. As I am obedient to Him, on a daily basis, I am built up in Him little by little.

Transform – Allow God’s Word to live and breathe inside of me. Asking God to let it transform me from the inside out as I strive to be less self-centered and to think, act and talk better. Watching as it unfolds through my daily life and with time, stays the course and brings about changes that will break generational chains of bondage.

Hope – By sharing the insights that God reveals and the journey He guides me along, it reinforces my conviction that God is trustworthy and faithful as well as shines a beacon of hope to those who have travelled with me or watched from the sidelines. In walking out my faith publically and being purposefully transparent, it opens up the door for others to do the same.

 Hope is catching. My prayer is God will use the story He continually writes in me to spread an epidemic of Hope through my family, my friends and my community.

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