I love how God continues to nudge me in the direction He wants me to go. As you know, if you’ve read through my blogs and watched my video blogs, it has been a journey to step out in faith and actually do the video blog. Over the past few weeks, I’ve been asking God to show me what is next. I am no longer afraid of the video blogging so I can’t help but feel there is more that He purposed when He told me to begin this process. I am absolutely certain that I am not just to do a written blog. So many times, I am overwhelmed with the whisper of the Holy Spirit that I am supposed to share and expand on my experiences with this ministry in a different way, so I have given a lot of prayer and thought as to what that would look like and what I would need to do to take the next step. Over the past few weeks, as I’ve listened to biblical teachers and surrounded myself in The Word, I’ve asked God to reveal to me more of my gifts that He has given me and how He wants to use them. I am continually reminded that my written word is given a lot of positive feedback and that through the job I do, my phone voice is deemed soothing and calming. That led me to tossing around the idea of writing out my thoughts and what I was called to share and using the video blog to get it onto my website. In thinking through that process, I recognize that I’ve had my testimony recorded before and while it was still powerful, the image of me standing there, reading what I had written, was diminished slightly by the fact that I wasn’t able to truly connect with my audience on a face to face level. When I try to take my eyes off the paper for more than a few moments at a time, I go way out in left field and start speaking through my nerves. That is not a gift that has been developed in me yet (although I feel deep within it is something He is working on!) however, what was written, and my delivery while reading, has always been something I feel God has used to move in the hearts of those who hear it. Lately, I have wondered if learning how to set up a podcast, and using that as my medium for this ministry along with my blog posts, would be the direction that God wanted to lead me.

This morning, as I was moved to do another video blog, I had so much on my heart that I wanted to say. There is so much that God pours into me that I want to share, but yet, as this morning, I feel when I start talking without having written it down, the words that I want to say, and the way that I want to say them, doesn’t come off quite the same as while they are in my head.

This makes me take pause and give the consideration that God just may be giving me confirmation and green light on the podcast idea. I know there is a story to be told, lessons to be shared, and He will get it done in the most effective way. I am excited about what this means as I continue this journey of learning and growing.

Now, to just figure out how to do a podcast 😀 Prayers are appreciated and I look forward to sharing again with you soon.

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