The most wonderful time of the year

Wow what an incredible, crazy, unbelievable, and any other adjective that I could think of to describe a wild and crazy ride, this past month of October has been.

I had heard before that once you get in line with God’s will and are seeking and striving to do everything you can to stay there that life can be very exciting and fulfilling and boy have I ever come to learn that that is true for me.

I have to apologize as there is so much going on as of late that it’s been very difficult to keep the blog updated and working on the podcast situation has just slipped right out of my mindset as I begin this new, very huge, only God can make it happen, task in front of me of creating the women’s retreat.

I know this is a very busy time of year for everyone so I’m sure each of you can understand where I’m coming from. Not even counting the holidays in front of us, my granddaughter turns one this month so we will be having that birthday party! My husband and I want to do something in our neighborhood for the holidays so in early December we will be doing HAMburgers and TURKEY hotdogs in our effort to try and do the holidays Florida style.

And once we get past Christmas my daughter turns 24 so there will be another birthday celebration and just a few weeks later my husband turns another year older so yet again another celebration 🙂 During all of this I’m cohosting a Bible study where God is doing some amazing work and to put the cherry on top-  going all in – as I follow God in this new adventure of hosting a women’s retreat. That in itself has been one surprise after another. I was not aware that as an individual I could not just go into the community and put together an event and sell tickets to it. Naïve of me I’m sure but I am learning interesting things each step that God takes me through.

Me and my good friend Christina who is helping co-lead this entire event received word from her church that they are willing to let us host the women’s retreat there which is such a humongous blessing. With that in mind I filed for and received my LLC certificate for Entrusted with the Truth. It will become an official business name on January 1, 2018.

Sometime over the next few weeks I will be filing the document with our tax office as well as obtaining a resale certificate because God has laid on my heart to offer T-shirts at the retreat which then leads me into creating my logo etc. As you can see I was not kidding when I said that the Lord has me on a very exciting journey!

I do not share all this to brag about where my life is, I share this with you in hopes to encourage you to continue to put God first, to continue to ask Him to reveal what His plan for your life is. Because I assure you at the beginning of January 2017 when I committed to Reading my Bible daily I would have never dreamed 11 months later that this would be happening.

I will keep everyone updated as more information comes about regarding the retreat we do know the date is set for March 3rd of 2018 but other than that it’s all in God’s hands LOL

Please stand with us in prayer as we ask God to show up in a mighty way and bring women from all over Jacksonville to come and draw closer to Him.

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