Taking another stand against fear

Oh my goodness what a morning. It started yesterday after not getting a lot of sleep the night before I was extremely tired and by the end of the day as I continue to think through this event and plan the next step I began to feel a cloud of doubt come over me. I was able to push it off with prayer but this morning on my way to work I was listening to my new favorite song by skillet called Lions and the lyrics just tore me up. All the what if’s came crashing down… what if nobody shows up… What if I sacrificed financially and it ends up hurting my family… what if I didn’t hear God as clearly as I thought I did… And the big one, what if i’m not who He says I am and therefore He won’t show up for me.

Ironically, I am set to speak at the retreat and my first subject is on fear. Go figure!

Today is ours, it’s always been

Before we face the fight

We know who’s gonna win

We live by faith and not by sight

We don’t want safe and quiet

We don’t wanna run and hide

Every time I heard those last two lines of that song this morning I cried my eyes out which isn’t necessarily a good thing considering I was driving 🙂

I am striving with all of my might to live by faith and not by sight and I have spent my whole life hiding and being safe and quiet and running and hiding and I don’t want that anymore! And I know that God is calling me out of that and into His glorious plan!

I was built up and edified by the fact that I know that my God has great plans for me. And I know that whatever He sets before me he WILL see it through. And I have no doubt that I am a child of His and He will never leave me alone or let me fall when I’m walking as best I can in His will.

I share all of that this morning to hopefully encourage you to not let fear take away the dream that God has planted in your heart. I move forward today knowing that my God is calling me out and He’s putting something before me that I would’ve never dreamed possible and all I have to do is step out and take the next step that He is asking me to take and whether 150 people show up at this retreat or five, He WILL be glorified and THAY is all that matters! That is what He’s asking me to do and that is what I will continue to put all of my effort into doing!

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