What a Sunday!

Wow what a Sunday! Thank you Christ’s Church and Pastor Jason!
With just coming off of an emotionally charged Saturday, I thought I was prepared for what is always an amazing worship set and sermon. I even brought my make up bag because I expected my emotions to continue to overflow. However what I did not expect was to be shattered in such a complete way that I couldn’t even hold myself together during the first service.
God always uses songs to speak to me and it thrilled me to no end that the kick off was Glorious Day which is one of my most favorite songs ever and has been the kick off for every live event that I’ve been able to hold.
Then the song Yes and Amen. This song was so prevalent last year at the women’s retreat She Who Believes because I was beginning to cling to every single promise that God has given and I was reminded of the journey this past year that He has brought me through.
But God did not stop there and when I saw the lyrics for Never Let Go pop up on the screen I completely lost it. I was transported back in time to 2007 when I hit rock bottom.
While No Longer Slaves has been my theme song over the past several years, Never Let Go was the first song that helped me start fighting the fears that held me captive. As I walked my recovery journey out of Internet addiction and people pleasing and fear of every single thing around me and started to find freedom, God used that song to continually show me no matter how many times I let go of Him, He never ever let go of me! That lyric became my truth as I grew more in my relationship with Christ and walked more out of the darkness of who I was into who I was becoming.
And then the message. Oh that message.
My tremendous gratitude towards God and my Savior Jesus Christ for the never ending love that has been shown to me cannot be put in the words. The emotions that flowed out of my heart yesterday was all I had to give Him.

What a beautiful day it was, the support for Anne and her family overwhelmed my heart with joy even more and then the beautiful opportunity to pray with those going through a storm was icing on the cake.
I’ve said it before and I will say it 1000 times over. I love my church!


2 Comments on “What a Sunday!

  1. So proud of you! Stay strong “don’t be afraid or downhearted, because God is with you wherever you go”


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