Monthly Get Togethers With a Purpose

Purposefully setting aside once a month to get together for much needed woman to woman communication and connection. .

Our first hour will be filled with laughter and every day chit chat. The last few hours will be an opportunity for you to stick around, continue the girl time fun and do something nice for someone else.

Many times we will meet at a coffee shop, but other times, maybe someones home. Wherever we decide to get together you can guarantee it will be filled with warmth and togetherness.

Each month we will offer a different opportunity to do for others. Keep checking this page and the upcoming events section of the website for updates.


February 3, 2018  Time: 10:00am – 1:00pm

Meeting place: Panera Bread on San Jose Blvd

Opportunity: Stuffing Valentine Goodie bags to be given away to a children

What to bring: I have enough to stuff 50 bags however if you’d like, you can bring Valentine themed baggies, lollipops and any other assorted goodies you would like to use.

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