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Intentional – Attitude

Ephesians 4:23-24 (AMP)
23 and be continually renewed in the spirit of your mind [having a fresh, untarnished mental and spiritual attitude], 24 and put on the new self [the regenerated and renewed nature], created in God’s image, [godlike] in the righteousness and holiness of the truth [living in a way that expresses to God your gratitude for your salvation].
Before we begin I wanted to remind those that attended our March 3rd Women’s Retreat, and are planning to attend our Women’s One Day, that your special ticket purchasing code for you, your family and your friends expires April 30, 2018. If you attended and do not have the code, please let me know.
For all others, the pre-registration for our One Day is open so make sure to get your tickets early and save.
Now let’s jump in.
As we continue to discuss ways of being intentional, I thought it was important to talk about our daily attitude.
As Christians, we are to have the same attitude that Christ had in all that we say,
think or do.
I know, this is a tall order and can be considered daunting.
I mean, we are only human, right?
While that is true, I believe that we must do everything we can to strive towards it.
We have to be intentional about it.
As I write this, I am struggling with the selfishness that I see in myself and the world around me, but instead of attacking the problem, I want to address the solution and how we as individuals play such a huge part in it.
Having a Christ like attitude starts with having our hearts centered on God and His Word. We can’t expect victory in this area without having a personal relationship with His Son. We can’t imitate Jesus and His attitude if we don’t have an intimate knowledge of who He is and how He responds.
Lately I feel that I am bombarded with examples of people doing the exact opposite of what Jesus would do.
I drive to work and the lack of courtesy and disrespect on the road disheartens me.
I go into the workforce and am surrounded by many that have a lack of respect for authority and for others. I see so many who are judgmental, obnoxious and unaware of how they are impacting those around them.
I go to the grocery store and am met many times with the same uncaring, unloving attitudes from the very people that are supposed to be focused on those that they serve.
The lack of integrity and moral character saddens me.
But let me focus on the plank in my own eye.
I have to realize that the change must start with me.
It begins when I become intentional, first with myself and my relationship with Jesus, and then with others, as I focus on responding to the circumstance around me with the attitude of Christ.
I must strive daily to focus my heart on Christ and let Him be the one to respond.
I need to make sure that when I am driving, that I am being courteous and patient with the other drivers on the road.
I must go into work with the attitude of love, do my job with integrity, respect those around me and be encouraging to those that are unable to encourage themselves.
It is up to me, when I run into those at the store who seem to be focused on themselves, to show Christ’s love to them by smiling and asking them how they are doing.
It starts with me. I have to be intentional in my own personal attitude and let God work on everyone else.
I want to encourage you today, if you struggle as I do, to lift your eyes and focus on Jesus. Walk in His footsteps. Let His example of integrity and love shine through you as you are led by the Holy Spirit.
If each of us as individuals remain intentionally focused on God, His Son and allow the Holy Spirit to guide our attitudes, we can and will change the world around us.
I pray you are impacted as we continue to walk this journey together. I would love to hear how this series so far has been for you.
We are better together,
P.S: If you would like to connect with other women to talk more about walking this journey along with doing something nice for the community, make sure to check out the webpage upcoming events section. April’s event has been added, we hope you join us if you are able.

2 Comments on “Weekly Encouragement

  1. Needed the reminder to be intentional DAILY with God. It is so easy to skip a morning, and then another morning and then it is a week. It is so easy to trick yourself into thinking it is ok, when it is not. Loved today’s email- back on track tomorrow morning


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